River Metals Recycling

All sizes, shapes, colors, and weights – if it’s scrap metal, we’ll buy it

Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, and E-Scrap

We pay cash for household scrap, from junk cars to laptops and offer comprehensive industrial scrap management services for businesses big and small.

Facilities Across the Midwest

Sell your scrap metal at our recycling facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia

A Leader in Safety and Sustainability

We value the safety of our employees and customers, giving back to our communities, and positively impacting the environment

We Buy Your Scrap

When you sell your scrap metal at home or at work, you profit, our communities’ benefit, and the environment’s protected from more unnecessary landfill.

Sell Scrap

Household Scrap

We pay cash for household nonferrous metal (like aluminum, copper, brass, wire) and ferrous metal (metal that sticks to a magnet: iron, steel, autos).

Electronic Scrap

We buy and recycle E-Scrap, such as phones, computers, and hard drives. Instead of throwing your electronics away, turn them into cash at RMR!

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End of Life Vehicles

We offer top dollar for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and lawnmowers. Give us a call and we’ll take it off your hands, even if it doesn’t run.

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Industrial Scrap

We offer mobile car crushing, industrial demolition, containers and transportation, and certified/computerized scale transactions for a variety of businesses.